Snoring Mouthpiece Reviews

There are certainly a lot of stop snoring products on the market. But that’s because frankly, a lot of us snore. A lot of us like the idea of having a significant other, so of course we want to stop the growl as fast as possible.

Basically: an angry significant other is not good. A tired-because-they-haven’t-slept-in-weeks significant other is simply dangerous. Which is where stop snoring mouthpieces, known to many as a “mouthguard for snoring”, comes to play.

Why Snoring Mouthpieces Work

There are certainly a lot of different kinds of snorers. Let’s call them Mild, Medium and Heavy. The Mild ones tend to snore lightly – enough so that it’s a problem, but it’s not crazy. These snorers tend to have great results with items like the SnoreLess pillow (read a review here), as well as Brez (read review), which tends to work well for congestive, or nasal snorers.

snore-mouthguardsMeanwhile, Medium snorers tend to not benefit from Brez, but many still do find the SnoreLess and similar solutions to be successful.Β Heavy snorers, on the other hand, may have considered things like CPAP or surgery, and often are not helped by pillow solutions. I guess my point here is that:

Snoring Mouthpieces tend to work for ALL categories of snorer.

It’s just a fact. While Mild to Medium snorers like myself may not absolutely love the mouthpieces (which vary as far as overall comfort and fit), THEY DO WORK. We can talk as much as we want about them “seeming weird” or “not really natural”, or “hard to fall asleep with”, BUT THEY WORK. There’s really no point in debating this. While there are some heavy snorers that may not benefit from them as much, the fact is that this the single subsection of anti snoring products works for everybody, bar none.

With this in mind, here are the basic summaries of the snoring mouthpiece reviews I’ve posted on this site.

The Good Morning Snore Solution

gmss-mouthpieceSummary: Let’s be frank: who seriously can forget their first? Stop snoring mouthpiece, I mean πŸ˜‰ And the GMSS is a winner, bar none. In fact, it remains this site’s mouthpiece of choice, mainly because it’s just so dang comfortable.

This is a very soft, very effective mouthpiece, and although it is a little pricier than others, in the end it’s only a few dollars more, really. And let’s face it, this is a product that you’ll be using NIGHTLY, and probably for a good period of time, so you’ll want to pay for comfort, believe me. Plus, from what I’ve seen so far, this appears to be a strong, long lasting product that easily works the best of the mouthpieces we’ve tried.



  • The most comfortable snoring mouthpiece we’ve tried.
  • FDA Approval, plus they did ACTUAL clinical trials. Rare for the product group.
  • Great for people who grind their teeth – grind no more.
  • Awesome for couples that snore, as the price for two together is a steal.
  • Very durable
  • Fits anyone
  • 30 Day money back guarantee (no small print, pretty straightforward)
  • Suction ensures it stays in your mouth, which means you stay silent.
  • These guys ship ALMOST ANYWHERE, meaning you don’t have to just be a US resident.


  • Ships from Canada, which didn’t matter to me, but it does to some people.
  • Shipping can take a while compared with other solutions.
  • Goofy looking (um, really… they all are).

Read our complete review here.

The Zyppah RX

Summary: The Zyppah RX, with its Green-Hornet looks and moldability (yep. I just said that.) is a good substitute for the GMSS, and initially is very comfortable. What I have found, however, is that over the long term, the Good Morning Snore Solution completely retains its soft and comfortable feeling, whereas this is less the case with the Zyppah. Both are great snoring mouthguards, but for me it’s just a personal choice. Also, the “tongue stabilizer” bit tended to annoy me a little when I was inserting it. So, minor quibbles, but enough that this takes our silver medal for snore mouthpieces.


  • Self molding, and works quite well.
  • Has a $10, 30-day risk free trial for those who don’t want to risk their hard earned dollars.
  • Free sleep guide – pretty cool tips in there.
  • Very durable.
  • Tongue stabilizer works wonders for some.
  • Quick shipping.
  • Cheaper overall cost.
  • 30 Day money back guarantee (no small print, pretty straightforward).
  • Bob Eubanks-approved! Love you, Bob! πŸ˜€


  • I found the tongue stabilizer to be initially a little uncomfortable.
  • As a longer term solution, I prefer GMSS.
  • Goofy looking, but more in a superhero kind of way.

Read our complete review here.



Summary: VitalSleep is by far the cheapest mouthpiece solution we’ve come across that is not a crappy, junky Amazon-bought garbage, and they definitely stand behind their product. One full year of free replacements? A 30 day satisfaction guarantee? Yep. I’ll take it. $50? What? There’s got to be a catch…

Uh, yes. There is. The reason why VitalSleep gets the bronze medal for us is simply that it’s “close” on all the things you want in a mouthpiece, but not “perfect”. Without a doubt, this is a far more rigid solution than the ones above, and as a result it’s hard to totally love. As someone that doesn’t like sleeping with something in my mouth, this makes is particularly tough. This rigid plastic is just not the same as the plastic in the mouthpieces offered up by Zyppah and of course the ultra-comfortable GMSS. So as a result, it’s harder – harder to get used to, and just simply harder to wear. And yet, it is adjustable (and “boil and bite” customizable), so if you can get it to work for you well, you may have found a real “value” mouthpiece.


  • Two sizes, one for men, one for women.
  • Does work well.
  • Cheapest mouthpiece out there.
  • Size is pretty adjustable.
  • One year of free replacements.
  • 30 Day money back guarantee (no small print, pretty straightforward)


  • Comfort is a little lacking, sadly.
  • Kind of an entry-level mouthpiece. This is a Kia compared to the Lexus and BMWs mentioned above.
  • Did I mention that it could definitely be a little more comfortable?

Check out their site here.