About This Site

If you’re here, you know what this site is about. I’ve tried to make it obvious. You’re not likely here because you have problems with your car or because you want the latest celebrity scoop. You’re here because either you, or in a TON of cases, your partner, has a problem. It’s a problem that at first glance, seems not so serious. An annoyance, maybe, but there’s no way snoring is that bad, right?

My wife is still having issues with me becoming a “snoring poster-boy”, so until I can convince her to put up a picture, here’s a cartoon version of what I might look like. Perhaps with a little more handsome added in, and a little less around the middle. Ahem.

Wrong. This thing is a killer. Both of people, and more frequently, relationships. The damage caused by the nasal buzzsaw that is the snore only seems subtle until it’s too late – and you’ve been robbed of sleep, health, or even the love of your life.

Hey, I’m not a doomsday guy. I consider myself to be a very optimistic person. But through my own experience, and through the fantastic visitors on this site, I’ve seen the kind of damage this “minor problem” can do. It can cause a lot of issues in a marriage or relationship. It can mean you find yourself feeling exhausted all of the time. And while it’s often not pretty, by using a variety of techniques and devices, it IS VERY CURABLE! And while I’m not a doctor (nor do I play one on TV), I’ve seen enough to know that although snoring by its very nature is an individual issue (meaning, there still is no one-size-fits-all solution), and one that can be changed with a little insight and knowledge. Yep, sometimes it’s that easy.

And sometimes it’s hard. It can’t be solved with a really well constructed snoring pillow, or a nifty (albeit geeky) chin strap. But consider yourself one notch above others facing this problem – because you’re looking for a real stop-snoring solution. Sometimes, it’s that simple.

About Me

So alright. You got me. My life’s ambition wasn’t to become the webmaster of a website focusing on, of all things, snoring. I mean, who would’ve thunk it?

And frankly, I always slept well. Never seemed to be a real issue. Until… Yes. My girlfriend became my wife. I got older. Got a job that meant I really couldn’t dedicate myself to exercise like I used to. The result?

Things got a little LOUD.

So I started looking into the issue, and noticed that there wasn’t a lot of really good snoring-based advice online. That there needed to be a lot more than just “one product” sites, that push a single product, but don’t really say much else.

And thus: snoring.mouthpiece.report. Here it is! I hope you like it.

One thing I wanted to mention: I would love to hear from anyone who has benefited from the site, changed their life because of it, and even those who think it downright sucks! That’s right. I’d like to hear from everybody. I encourage commenting, of course, and you can also get in touch by email care of chris at this site (if you’re a spammer, please DON’T contact me!). If you need any advice, or anything like that, feel free to get in touch. Even if you just want to tell me I’m the best guy in the world for putting this site up, yeah, feel free.

Thanks for being here,