6 Effective Ways to Stop Snoring

Snoring is not immediately deadly, without a doubt, but it does get annoying when your spouse or any family member snores so loud that you can barely get enough sleep. Fortunately, there are ways in which one can stop snoring. Add a dose of dedication and persistence when learning these techniques, and you might just be able beat this snoring thing forever.

Kill The Cause

One way on how to stop snoring is to avoid the key elements that induce the condition. Prior to hitting the sack, you should avoid eating rich foods or drinking alcoholic beverages. Sleeping pills are also not recommended (and to be frank, they’re rarely good for non-snorers, either). If you are required to take any sort of medication, consult your physician to find out if it may be part of the cause for your snoring. In some instances, a drug you are consuming may further worsen your sleeping condition.

So why is this the case? Alcoholic beverages, sleeping pills and other sedatives soothe your throat muscles and in turn narrow the air passages. Meanwhile, big meals and rich foods can restrict your air passages by applying pressure on your diaphragm.


Another way on to solve the snoring issue, at least short term, is to take decongestants or antihistamines. Although efficacy varies from one taker to another, these medications do combat nasal congestion, which is another contributing factor of snoring. Take these drugs only on a short-term basis, however, particularly if your  snoring is attributed by a cold or allergy. Long-term use of these drugs may be life threatening, and certainly this is usually just a band-aid solution, and nothing more.

You can also try gargling with a peppermint solution to minimize the overall lining on your throat and nasal cavity. This is particularly effective if the condition is identified as sporadic and is only promoted during colds or allergies.

What Are You Sleeping On?

Another tip on to stop snoring is to change bed sheets and pillowcases very regularly. You’d be surprised how often people will let their bed sheets and pillowcases “slip”, so to speak. This can lead to accumulation of allergens that can irritate the nasal cavity. You can definitely do a lot to alleviate nasal irritation by regularly changing bedding as well as vacuuming floors and curtains.

Nasal Strips In The House

Nasal strips are very effective for snorers and people who have somewhat severe nasal congestion. Try taping your nose with these specialized strips. You can find these products in your local pharmacy, or online, of course. Whereas they are not the most visually appealing solution, they do work, and work quite well for a lot of users.

And The Hardest One…

Yep, you knew we were going to go there. Regular exercise is also an effective treatment on how to stop snoring. Make it a habit to exercise at least 10 minutes a day to stop snoring and achieve optimal health.


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