Brez – The Perfect Affordable Snoring Device?

Well, to answer the question the title asks, maybe. Just maybe. But I think it’s important to note that not all cases of sleep apnea are the same. So will all devices work for everybody? Nope. Not a chance.

I’ve tried all of these, and naturally I’m a huge fan of the Snoreless Pillow more than anything, and here’s why:

Number 1, it works. I’ve tried pretty much everything in the book: from herbs, to jaw supporters to exercise, and while I had varying degrees of success with all of them, the Snoreless Pillow was by far the best.

The Big Key For Me: It’s pretty much insanely comfortable. Yes. I used the word “insane”. Maybe it’s because I just kind of went crazy for this pillow when I first bought it. It just changed the way that I slept forever. Frankly, I felt like Linus from Charlie Brown after ten years without a security blanket.

Well, possibly that good.

So while my wife was a big fan because it reduced my, ahem, snoring engine (suddenly, the muffler-less 1955 Chevy was quieted), I loved it because of the comfort. I recognize that a lot of the “good sleep” I was getting was because it was aligning my spine and neck correctly, thus making my sleep deeper and more solid, but I really feel like it was the best upgrade to my sleep I’ve had since I ditched my old garage sale mattress for a Sealy.

But To The Brez

Still… the Snoreless pillow isn’t perfect. A lot of people first looking into anti-snoring devices while NOT knowing if anything will be guaranteed to work will look at that $100 price tag and think… uh, maybe next time. I’ll wait on that. Uh, yeah. Next…

Because of this, it was important to my readers that I experiment with something at the “lower end” of the scale. Something that people can pay for and not want to jump out a window if it doesn’t work. (OK, so I wouldn’t jump out a window for $100, but I think we can all agree that times are tough for a lot of folks).

So, we have Brez. What you see here is their pitch:

Buy Brez On Amazon

So, what we’ve got here is basically a nose opener. Yes… I guess I just typed that. So I wanted to put this thing to the test. Really see if it works the wonders it’s claiming. And if it doesn’t? Well, I’m only out $10. That’s less than two premium coffees, or a couple of fast food burgers, so…

It’s was time to put these puppies to the test.

How I Did It

Well, to start with, I had to say ‘sayonara’ to my Snoreless Pillow. Ugh. Wasn’t a big fan of the idea, but a test needs to be scientific. So it was back to my old memory foam pillow (still a nice pillow, I might add), and a couple nights of testing.

The Brez comes in three sizes, and it’s fairly easy to fit yourself thanks to their handy dandy sizing guide (which I put here, of course). I was actually NOT very surprised, as I’m a bit of a beak owner (read as: big nosed fella), that I was a large. The sizing guide says most Men fit “Large”, which may help a lot of you ladies out there. If you’re trying to surprise your husband, obviously shoving a tape measure in their face just isn’t going to do it. Your best guess is Large.

At any rate, the thing fits quite nicely. You can actually feel that you’re breathing a little clearer with it. Obviously I wouldn’t wear it to say, the corner store, but it does look a lot better than a jaw supporter.

Still. We’re not in this to look like a model. We’re in this to sleep like, uh, someone that sleeps really, really well.

The test was a 3 day test. I figured, if it works, it’ll either work by then or I’m out a ten.


I will say that I was fairly surprised by these things. I can say that my sleep was fairly good, although it’s always hard to tell. This is where I turned to my wife, Gina. My other half, the lady with the incredible patience, and yes, the woman who has to deal with my buzzsaw when it decides to get going. She rates it a B+.

What Does A B+ Mean?

Well, it means that it worked. Quite well, actually. She maintains that my snoring was very unnoticeable. Which is good. And for $10? Nice.

My Recommendation?

This is a good starter product. While I wouldn’t ditch my Snoreless Pillow for anything, I could see how Brez would work well for when I’m on vacation, or if I was someone that didn’t want to spend a whack of cash. Of course I can’t be sure how this would work for EXTREMELY HEAVY snorers, and I think you know who I’m talking about. But for me, it was good. I rate it a B, if only because I consider my Snoreless to be an A+.

Anyway. See Brez for yourself at Amazon here.

Oh yeah. Feel free to check out this video from CBS on Brez!