Good Morning Snore Solution Review – Mouthpiece Marvel or Myth?

Recently, in my search for all things snoring-solution related, I came across the Good Morning Snore Solution: a device that is basically a reasonably priced snoring mouthpiece that claims to be able to stop what ails us (and by that, I mean our nightly tractor sound!). The product appears to be very popular in the UK, and is just starting to be sold here in the USA. Of course, according to the website, it’s FDA approved, and also well liked by Health Canada and the Australian Health And Ageing Department (No, I’m not making this up!)

Looking a little deeper into the company, they are rated an A by the Better Business Bureau. Always a plus to be sure.

The Test

First Order – November 28, 2016. The beauty of the Good Morning Snore Solution is its guarantee: yes, this is a serious investment for a mouthpiece solution, but it does come with a 30 day money back guarantee. Obviously, that’s a pretty huge benefit, because as I’ve mentioned many a time before, NOT ALL SOLUTIONS WORK FOR EVERYBODY. Pardon me for the capital letters (I’m not yelling at you, I swear 😉 ), but if you’re a new reader at this site, it’s important to understand this.

It’s funny, because as someone who’s reviewing this stuff, I always have to keep this in mind. Not all solutions are going to work for me, either. But a 30 day money back guarantee makes sure I’m not out of pocket on solutions that just don’t work.

What also was cool is that they ACTUALLY did clinical trials on this. That’s pretty rare. In fact, you almost NEVER see that.

The order process was fairly simple, with shipping a cool $10 to California (they ship worldwide from Canada). I went the Paypal route, which worked well.

Received The Product – December 7, 2016

Ok, so THAT WAS FAST. Certainly, I don’t want to make anyone assume that you will get your GMSS as fast as I did, but I was surprised. Anyway, the thing looks basically like this:

Official Site

It’s very different from other, cheaper mouthpieces that I’ve seen, and I have to admit that it feels really nice in comparison to some of the other, harder mouthpieces I’ve tried. Comfort is seriously key when you’re using these, and I can tell you that if you have a hard, cheap mouthpiece, you’re not going to want to use it for long. Believe me. Been there, done that.

First Trial Night – December 10, 2012

Well, like I said: the thing is comfortable. About fifty times more comfortable than your basic Amazon cheapie mouth piece like this one. It’s clear this one is meant as a “permanent thing”, as opposed to just a low end mouthpiece that should be replaced every couple of months.

My Sleep

Overall, my sleep was good. It sucked that I had to go a night without my SnoreLess pillow (it’s all in the name of science, friends), but it was important to keep this review balanced. I have to admit that I got used to it very quickly, and it really didn’t bother me. I’ve tried mouthpieces before, and the hard plastic thing was just not for me. This was different, and very usable.

My Wife’s Sleep

Really sweet, she said. She noted that I was actually quieter with this than with my SnoreLess alone, and that it was consistent. With my SnoreLess, of course, there is always the possibility that I roll off the pillow (it happens), or that my head is in a position that limits its effectiveness.

Click here for the official GMSS site
  • I kind of expected that his thing would fall out at least once. It hasn’t. The suction that your tongue makes with it obviously works like gangbusters.
  • On a whim, I tried it with the Brez solution . You know, the more the better. My wife thought it rocked.
  • This device does become second nature. A habit, really. I took a couple days off during the trial, and I actually MISSED IT. I know. I’m weird.
  • If you have an overbite (I have a small one), I noticed that this thing does help you align your jaw well. Unintended, I’m sure. But certainly positive.
  • Attention Teeth-Grinders: If you happen to both snore and grind your teeth, this might help! I can’t say I have that problem, but it makes sense.

January 6, 2013

The 30 days are up. And I’m keeping this thing around. My wife likes it (although she jokes about the idea of me maybe wearing it DURING THE DAY), and CONSISTENCY IS KEY HERE.

This is a solution that if it works for you, it WILL CONTINUE to work for you, and the mouth-suction stuff actually keeps it where it belongs.  Love my SnoreLess still, and in fact I use them both!

Where To Buy The Good Morning Snore Solution

At present, you can only buy the Good Morning Snore Solution at their official site here. Or click on the image to your right!

Still not sure? Check out the manufacturer’s video here: