My Snoring Solution Review – Too Many Complaints, Not Enough Science/Facts

Well, let’s face it: we all want something that will stop us from snoring. That’s why we’re here, right? And certainly, in most cases, good stop snoring products will help. That’s right. They helped me! Naturally, my favorite is the SnoreLess Pillow (review is here), but of course I have also seen great results from Brez (review here) and of course the Good Morning Snore Solution (review here).

According to my wife, a completely uncertified, (but absolutely wonderful) test technician ;), the Good Morning Snore Solution was the equivalent of a silencer on a rifle – total silence, and really precise overall sleep continuity. Meaning, I sleep soundly, solidly, and my wife does too.

My Problem:  I sometimes find it awkward to sleep with mouthpieces. I just don’t like having one in my mouth.

Yes, once I get to sleep, I am quite happy (I am unconscious, after all), but I do find them a little annoying at first.  And after receiving emails from a few readers (email me at chris “at” this website or use the comments boxes to get in touch), I quickly realized that I am NOT alone. Mouthpieces are a necessary evil for many snorers, of course, but there has to be a more comfortable way, right?

So… We have the My Snoring Solution

Or do we? Now, at first look, the MSS (yes, I’m going to abbreviate it) LOOKS to be not a bad product. After all, nothing in the mouth, which is nice, and overall the idea of it seems to make some sense.

The pricing? Well, it’s rather in line with other snoring solutions, and of course the “buy 1 get 1 free” situation sounds pretty awesome.

The Problem With MSS: Well, the problem is that the science behind mouthpieces tells us that the My Snoring Solution, which is a chinstrap solution, should NOT work.

This is simple: mouthpieces in general tend to “draw the lower jaw FORWARDS”, which we know opens the soft palate, and enables air to flow past the epiglottis (sorry for all the biology-speak) without any restriction. No restriction typically means no snoring. Hence, mouthpieces tend to work well for most snorers.

no-mssThe problem with the My Snoring Solution is that as a kind of “chin strap”, it can ONLY pull on the jaw. It cannot PUSH the lower jaw forward, as mouthpieces do. That is simply impossible! Can’t be done. But the scary part of the whole thing, is that even on their website, they claim that it “HOLDS THE JAW FORWARD”. They even have a picture that is labeled “Holds Jaw Forward”, even though you can see that it is clearly PULLING IT BACKWARDS.

So, if I  posted a picture of my old 79 Chevrolet Chevette, and labeled it “My Brand New Lexus”, would you think it was a Lexus? Fact: even if you didn’t know cars, the answer is probably not.

Um. Still with me? Anyone understand how a chin strap can HOLD YOUR JAW FORWARD? Yep. Me neither.

And Then, The Reviews

OK, so I figured I’d at least check on the web to see what others think of the MSS. As a seasoned web searcher, I tend to be able to quickly pick out the “fakes” from the “reals”, especially when it comes to product reviews. But considering my first two results were:

and certainly my favorite URL:

These Websites Tell A Sobering Tale

Well, if you haven’t checked these URLs, I can sum them up by saying that there seems to be A LOT of REALLY UNSATISFIED My Snoring Solution customers. Like A LOT. Like NO-ONE has EVER had success with it.

What’s more: a lot of people felt genuinely RIPPED OFF by the fine-print-y-ness (yep, I just made that up) of the warranty. In other words, despite the 90 day money back guarantee that MSS “claims”, many people have had major problems getting any money back at all!

The truly hilarious part is that there’s also a Youtube video uploaded by a guy called “snoringreview” (um, how fake are you, buddy?) in which he basically talks about how great the MSS is. The funny part: the video has 1 thumbs up, and 7 thumbs down. That’s a whole lot of hate!

So be warned, friends. Not only is the Science of the My Snoring Solution fairly dodgy, so is its refund policy. A lot of people are really mad about this thing, so you may want to avoid it!