SnoreRX Review – Building A Better Mouthpiece

There really is no need to reinvent the wheel, I guess, and the SnoreRX is a fantastic example of this long lived saying. Is it a new approach? Absolutely not. This mouthpiece fits squarely in the classic “jaw advancing/retaining” category, or if you’re into heavy scientific terms, “mandibular advancement mouthpiece”. Does it seem to be made of an advanced new material? Nope. This is a similar soft plasticky material much like, uh, pretty much all high end snoring mouthpieces.

So what makes the SnoreRX different?

The SnoreRX is all about precision!
The SnoreRX is all about precision!

Glad you asked. What makes the SnoreRX different from most jaw advancing/retaining snoring mouthpieces is its adjustability. Not only that, but the EXACTNESS of its adjustability (see image at right). And, if you’re still with me, the ability to RE-ADJUST at any time. This is actually a very good thing, as for a very long time the jaw advancing category has been virtually synonymous with mouthpieces that are based on some kind of “universal fit”.

Now I don’t want to brag here, but I have a big mouth. My mother tells me this. 🙂 But besides that, I can tell you that I’ve always had difficulties with “universal fit” devices. I’m talking mouthpieces for this article, but it goes with a lot of things for me. If it’s a “universal fit”, I’m going to have some problem with it.

The “adjustability factor” with jaw advancers is not new, of course. The VitalSleep (review here) is an example of an adjustable mouthpiece. But the truly fantastic thing about the SnoreRX is the fact that it’s “micro-adjustable”. On the side of the device you can actually specify the “sweet spot” on a millimeter by millimeter basis.

Now that’s precise, friends. Ridiculously precise.

What’s more, if you find that with use, you need to change your setting, you can. This is key, as some adjustable mouthpieces don’t give you this option. But let’s face it: things change. What’s comfortable for you today may not be comfortable for you tomorrow. It’s nice to know that you can make some adjustments.

Here’s your executive summary:


Nice space age look! Click here for the SnoreRX website.
Nice space age look! Click here for the SnoreRX website.


Adjustability – You can adjust, re-adjust and re-adjust again with the SnoreRX, which sets it apart from most jaw advancing mouthpieces, which tend to be of the universal fit variety.
Comfort – Because it adjusts exactly to your needs, this is definitely the most comfortable jaw advancer out there.
FDA Approved – Yes, the better mouthpieces are always FDA approved (if you’re spending more than $50, expect this), but this is critical. Jaw advancing mouthpieces that don’t have this distinction can cause long term jaw problems! You don’t want to be a cheapskate with these things, because short term savings can mean permanent damage!
Guaranteed – Again, nothing new in this arena, but critical. Jaw advancing mouthpieces tend to work for 70{eddcd565122278342ebca74f2e18549ff9b825df15382bc9c1e2170e44f55511} of people. So, if you’re one of those 30{eddcd565122278342ebca74f2e18549ff9b825df15382bc9c1e2170e44f55511}, it’s nice to know that you can get your money back, no questions asked. If that is the case, you may want to consider a tongue retaining mouthpiece like the Good Morning Snore Solution.

Jaw Advancer Blues – Although jaw advancing mouthpieces are good for 70{eddcd565122278342ebca74f2e18549ff9b825df15382bc9c1e2170e44f55511} of people, there’s still that 30{eddcd565122278342ebca74f2e18549ff9b825df15382bc9c1e2170e44f55511} to deal with. Plus, those with sensitive gums will have problems with any jaw advancer. This is where tongue retainers are so much better.
Availability – Only directly from the company’s website (click here)… again, this is not new, as pretty much any high quality mouthpiece isn’t going to be available on Amazon. That place is for junk hunters looking to damage their jaws!
Price – OK, so $99 isn’t insane, but VitalSleep, as an example, is $30 less. And while money isn’t everything when you’re talking mouthpieces (you could argue that the precision fit of the SnoreRX makes it worth it), cost is always a consideration.

Basically, the SnoreRX is a great jaw advancing mouthpiece that avoids a lot of the universal fit pitfalls that some of its competitors have fallen into. This makes it one of the best jaw advancing/retaining mouthpieces out there.

Have you tried the SnoreRX? Let me know what you thought of it by commenting below!

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