Considering Stop Snoring Devices? Try This First…

Hey, if you’ve come to this website, then snoring is enough of an issue that you’re ready to seek a solution. You may find yourself lacking energy during the day, feeling groggy when you wake up – or the most likely – you have yourself a sleeping partner who is not very pleased with the noises you emit at 4am in the morning. It’s no problem – there’s an App for that. Or rather, a stop snoring device that will work for you. It really depends on two things:

1. Just How Serious Is Your Snoring Problem? – On the noise scale, with 1 being a purring kitten and 10 being a rusty chainsaw, just where do you fit in? This is key because it’s important always to remember that sometimes snoring can actually indicate a dangerous health condition, called obstructive sleep apnea, which could cause serious harm to your personal health.But DON’T worry – yet. Serious cases of sleep apnea are not as common as you might think. I’m certainly not a doctor; just a friendly neighborhood snorer that is here to help. But I can say that most people DO NOT require a CPAP machine, as depicted in this scary photo. Still, the device you choose should take into account just how serious your snoring problem is.

2. How Serious Are You About Making A Change – This is an easy one: the more complex your snoring issue is, the more you’re going to have to, ahem, make some sacrifices. And by that I mean that a mild to medium snorer may just get by with something like the SnoreLess Pillow (read the review here). It’s probably easiest device to use – no fuss, no muss, and seriously… It’s a pillow! A really comfortable one at that. So not a lot of hard work there, to be sure.

Snoring: an unappreciated art form.

But it isn’t always that easy. While yes, the SnoreLess worked for me, it won’t work for everyone. This is where the more serious devices come in.

Here’s a little lesson on what causes snoring:Basically, snoring occurs when the flow of air is obstructed either in your mouth and nose. Men are comparatively more prone to snoring than women, and middle-aged people are more prone to snoring than younger people. Obesity can also leads to snoring, and people with nasal problems would also experience snoring problems.

But MOSTLY, snoring is caused by a blockage. Typically this takes place in the throat.So what a second, and more intensive selection of snoring devices do is to re-align the jaw so that this “blockage” doesn’t occur. They require COMMITMENT, but they do work, and work well.

Our Device Reviews – For The Serious, But Frugal Snorer

Hey… Money’s tight everywhere. We know this. So it’s very unlikely you’ll see $2000 CPAP machines or interviews with dentists offering to customize a dental mouthpiece for you for the price of a lightly used compact car. But what you will see is anti-snoring device reviews that are truthful, and based on actual use.

You’ll learn about why the Good Morning Snore Solution Mouthpiece (review here) is actually something I formerly tried to avoid because I assumed it would be uncomfortable (I have used CHEAP-O mouthpieces before, and it was NOT a good experience).

Turned out that I was wrong. In fact, it’s a killer device, and one that once you’ve used it, you practically can’t tell the difference between when it’s in or not!

If you’re a more intensive snorer, or just plain don’t like the idea of a snoring mouthpiece, you could also try stop snoring devices that target your jaw’s positioning; however, in order to get the optimal results and comfort, it has to fit well. With some devices, if your jaw is over-advanced, you are going to experience pain in your lower jaw joint muscle, while if your jaw is under-advanced, it would give no benefit at all. Fitting devices like these often proved to be hard; some generic devices must be reheated and remolded to change its shape. That is why you should always consult with your dentist in order to ensure the best fit for your jaw.

Have A Nose For Snoring Prevention?

One of the most interesting, and far more economical and comfortable stop snoring devices I’ve seen is what I call a nasal supporter, like the one from Brez. These are sometimes effective, but admittedly sometimes not for those with really severe epiglottis issues (your epiglottis is that noisy part of your throat). But, at about $10 for a couple of month’s supply, it certainly isn’t much of a risk. If you’re new to this, starting here may help.

On a “best bang for your buck” basis, the Brez product is by far the easiest and cheapest anti-snoring device available. But it still isn’t the SnoreLess Pillow. That, my friends, is an all around triple crown champion!

An example of a dental stop snoring device.

Or, Just Change Your Habits

The great point about stop snoring devices is that they work – immediately. But if you have time, and really want to alter your snoring permanently (and are REALLY willing to work for it), the best step to fight snoring is to stop the bad habits that may be causing the condition. Alright, so here goes:

Stop drinking alcohol; try to avoid sleeping on your back, and so on. People who are overweight may want to make a real push to get to their ideal body weight, which can greatly affect all areas of their health.  If you are obese, this could be a major factor. As always, consult with your doctor, who may be able to prescribe some kind of either fitness program, or perhaps drug.

This is “permanent stuff” is better and can increase results when combined with the usage of good stop snoring devices.

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