SnoreLess Pillow Review

Snoring can be a beast of a problem for anyone, but as most of us know, it usually affects your sleeping partner a whole lot more than it does you.

(Yes, sleep apnea DOES affect your overall sleep and CAN lead to additional health problems, but what most people are is minor snorers, and minor snorers are more BARK than BITE.)

But why exactly would a pillow limit or all but eliminate snoring (as it did for me)?

pillow-diagramA good question. I didn’t believe it either. The answer lies in this diagram:

Now, the cause of snoring for 85{eddcd565122278342ebca74f2e18549ff9b825df15382bc9c1e2170e44f55511} of snorers is the SOFT PALATE. It’s important to remember that. We all have different sizes of soft palate, of course, but some of ours are LARGER, and some are shaped in a way that they BLOCK THE AIRWAY. Basically, it’s this blockage that causes snoring. I’m keeping it very simple, of course, but the soft palate is the enemy here.

Now, outside of getting a major soft palate altering surgery (uh, expensive anyone?), there’s not a lot a person can do about this. Certainly, losing weight may help (as it may shrink the soft palate), but if you’re not overweight and you still snore, what can you do?

The Answer Is Simple

It’s a basic fact that 80{eddcd565122278342ebca74f2e18549ff9b825df15382bc9c1e2170e44f55511} of all effective snoring remedies have to do with repositioning the soft palate. Because why? Well, if something is in the way and you were trying to get through, wouldn’t you MOVE IT? Say you’re carrying a heavy bag by the shoulder strap, as an example, and it starts to hurt because it’s rubbing you the wrong way – wouldn’t you reposition it so it no longer hurts? Of course you would. And this is why the SnoreLess Pillow works.

Great sleep begins with the SnoreLess.

The SnoreLess Pillow is constructed so that your head is tilted back slightly, angling your neck so that your soft palate ceases to block the airway. It’s as simple as that. Also, it offers a much more comfortable sleep than regular pillows. What’s more, it’s completely anatomically correct, and actually more anatomically correct than when you use a regular pillow.

This was something I just didn’t expect – after all, no pain, no gain, right? Well in this case, NO! I found that my sleeps were far deeper than they had been before once I began using the pillow. Now, it could have been the fact that I was getting better sleep (obviously, less sleep apnea means a more complete sleep), but I actually found it to be amazingly comfortable to sleep on.

In fact, I consider this one of the best sleep ideas since memory foam! I know. That sounds crazy. But friends that have tried the SnoreLess Pillow have told me that even though they DON’T SNORE, they sleep much better than before they started using it.

Check the SnoreLess pillow out here.

Hmm. A Pillow That Cures Snoring?

Yeah. I thought  the same thing. But before I tried the SnoreLess, I was VERY SKEPTICAL. After all, this is pretty pricy for a pillow. But once I looked around and saw that other pillows were going for anywhere from $150-300, I realized, maybe it isn’t too much of a risk.

Plus many other pillows I’ve seen REQUIRE THAT YOU SLEEP ON YOUR SIDE. That’s just crazy! I’m a back sleeper, and so those other pillows just don’t work for me. And, many people sleep in many positions,which means those other pillows usually don’t work. The SnoreLess doesn’t demand you sleep one way – it works no matter what position you sleep in!

Official Product Website (Discount Link)


A Pillow That Pays For Itself?

Fact is, maybe some people can put a price on a good sleep. I know I can. And as someone with (what I considered) fairly minor sleep apnea, I really didn’t notice the symptoms, mainly because I’d been snoring my entire life. But there is one thing that I can tell you about good sleep that is ABSOLUTELY PRICELESS…

And that’s a happy partner. Yes. One thing I can confess to is that my wife loves the SnoreLess Pillow more than I do. The reason is obvious… She no longer has to listen to my SOFT PALATE JACKHAMMER every single night.

Also, now I feel SO MUCH LESS TIRED during the day! In fact, I’m sure within the first month I probably saved so much on mid-day coffees that I paid for the pillow three times over!

Hey, I can’t guarantee the pillow will work for you, but of all the devices I’ve tried (and they were many, let me tell you…) this one works the best. And most importantly, it’s just comfortable. I try not to leave home without it, frankly.

Get it here.

Oh, and if you’ve tried anything similar, please let me know in the comments. As I build this site up, I’ll be looking at more and more products, and I’d love to hear your story!



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