VitalSleep Mouthpiece Review – Anti Snoring Device With A Low Entry Price

The VitalSleep mouthpiece is a pretty well known stop snoring mouthguard, as it’s pretty heavily marketed on late night TV, among other places. And while there is no semi-famous spokesman and no expensive clinical trials (like the Good Morning Snore Solution), this is a solid product with some interesting features and a very low price for the category.

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A Word About Price: It’s important to remember that if you invest in a stop snoring mouthpiece, you’re probably going to be using it for quite a while. Comfort is absolutely THE NUMBER ONE FACTOR in your ability to actually use these things, particularly as most of us are NOT used to having something in our mouth while we sleep.


The VitalSleep does feature some very interesting benefits, such as the fact that it’s “Boil And Bite” (marketing speak for “run hot water on it, and it’ll resize for you”), as well as the fact that it does come with a 1 year replacement warranty. The latter fact is really quite interesting, as it’s basically the only mouthpiece to make such an offer.

(It’s also important to remember that snoring mouthpieces are not built to last forever, but that the longer yours lasts, the better it is for your wallet)

Comfort-wise, I would have to put it in second place behind both the Good Morning Snore Solution, but it still offers a level of comfort that is appropriate for these higher-end devices. (I should also note that this is a Jaw Advancing mouthpiece, as opposed to a tongue retaining mouthpiece – I explain the difference here) Some of the lower-end devices available on Amazon, as an example, are made of hard plastic, which can feel like you’re sleeping with a rock in your mouth. NOT a good feeling, to be sure, and something you want to avoid.

So while it is better than some of those cheapos that are out there, the VitalSleep may take some getting used to, as it doesn’t have the soft, suction-based fit like the GMSS does.

The Price Is Right

If you’re like most people coming to this site, you’re probably new to the old “I’m trying to stop snoring”-game. From my experience, there tends to be two kinds of snorers looking for a cure: the tentative snorer, and the all-in snorer.

The all-in snorer needs to stop snoring now. This type of snorer is ready to make things happen, and is tired of what snoring has done to their sleep, their relationships, and their sense of well-being. A dollar here or a dollar there is not going to dissuade this snorer from getting the absolute best solution, preferably yesterday.

The tentative snorer, meanwhile, recognizes that there’s a problem, understands that there are solutions, but would rather wade in the shallow end just to make sure that everything is going to work out right for them.

With a price of two for $59, a one year replacement warranty and a 30 day money back guarantee, this IS THE SNORING MOUTHPIECE for the tentative snorer. It’s an entry level product, without a doubt, and doesn’t have the comfort or design level of the GMSS, but it works, and works well. What’s more, it’s not as heavy of a dollar commitment.

And while this is a “silver medal” winner as far as mouthpieces go, it is still far better than pretty much all of those store-bought, plasticky bricks that you’re supposed to stuff in your mouth and then fall sleep with.

This is soft plastic, and will not have you developing the kind of chronic pain that many who use hard-plastic solutions have. And that is key. Who wants to trade one problem for an even more severe one?

Our Assessment

The VitalSleep is a good product for a low price. It isn’t the best stop snoring mouthpiece on the market today (we’d have to go with the Good Morning Snore Solution), but it does work. And importantly, it’s a small commitment for people who are unsure that a snoring mouthpiece is for them. Cheap, reasonably comfortable and effective.

Hard to go wrong with that πŸ˜‰

Click here to go the VitalSleep Product Website.

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